How We Got Started

    A change in career, a chance conversation, and a love of jewelry started us on the stainless steel journey. When we first heard the words stainless steel and jewelry together, we thought bulky and heavy, like a man's watch. Then we started our quest and discovered that steel is an alloy just like gold and silver and can be formed to create delicate and lightweight jewelry. In addition, jewelry made with surgical grade stainless steel is hypo-allergenic and non-reactive.  Finally, no more skin discolorations!

    At first we decided to specialize in men's jewelry, but after so many requests for a women's selection, we added to our collection. We are constantly researching the latest trends and proudly offer jewelry sourced from trusted companies that meet our exacting criteria.

    Most importantly our relationship with you, our customers, is valued.  You may have met us on our travels or at events such as Southern Women's Shows, Progressive International Motorcycle Shows, or Tampa Bay Comic Con to name a few. We delight in your feedback, your pleasure in wearing our jewelry and appreciate your loyalty!

    As always, thank you and wear in good health!

                                                Jane, Lisa, Nick, Tom  ( It's a Steel Jewelry team)